Fabpro Polymers Website Launch by LogicMaze – Evolved Marketing

Fabpro Polymers

LogicMaze Marketing Launches Website for Fabpro Polymers

You may not have heard of Fabpro Polymers. It’s one of those rock star businesses that flies under the radar. But it’s actually the largest manufacturer and global provider of synthetic twine and concrete fiber in North America–and it’s located right here in the middle of Kansas!

The Fabpro guys over in Kingman called us up because they wanted a way to streamline the online presence of their two divisions. We hooked them up with a splash page for their main company name, Fabpro Polymers, that links to separate websites for their twine and fiber divisions. Then we developed a custom application that makes life easy on their HR department.

We really enjoyed this project. The Fabpro crew was fantastic to work with. Give their site a gander!

Kansas Cosmosphere launches mobile tour site programmed by LogicMaze

Cosmosphere LogicMaze mobile tour

LogicMaze programmed an interactive mobile tour for the Comosphere

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is one of our favorite places to explore. So we were thrilled when they approached us with the idea to create a unique interactive, audio/visual tour of their acclaimed Hall of Space Museum. Our friends at the Cos wanted a way to provide customers with a greater depth of information. They also wanted to take advantage of the convenience that mobile and tablet platforms offer for this type of experience.

The LogicMaze programming gurus and client service team met several times with the Cos crew to hash out ways to ensure the tour was fun and engaging, and together we came up with ways to incorporate sound bites from actual space missions, interviews with astronauts, photo galleries, and more. The best part of the platform is that it allows Cosmosphere staff to easily update and add to the tour through LogicMaze’s super intuitive Content Management System.

Next time you visit the Cos, check out the fun and educational CosMobile Tour. You won’t regret it!