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AnswerLink – Hutchinson, KS call center – LogicMaze Marketing


Marketing materials, brochure design by LogicMaze for AnswerLink

When AnswerLink, a family-owned and operated call center in Hutchinson, KS, wanted to expand their client base in the medical field, they contacted LogicMaze to help with marketing their services to physicians.

LogicMaze created a professionally designed brochure that highlights AnswerLink’s expertise and affordable pricing.

LogicMaze also coordinated the printing and delivery of the marketing materials to AnswerLink, so that the company could focus on what they do best–serving their clients!

If you’re in Hutchinson, check out AnswerLink’s new location at 107 West 1st. They have done a fantastic job upgrading the building!

LogicMaze Marketing Launches New Website for Smoky Valley USD 400

smoky valley logicmaze design

LogicMaze Marketing – Website Launch – USD 400

Smoky Valley Public Schools (USD 400), based in Lindsborg, KS, serves five separate communities in the Greater Smoky Valley of Central Kansas and boasts a Virtual Charter School that serves students from all over the state of Kansas.

Smoky Valley approached LogicMaze about a comprehensive overhaul to their web presence after seeing the websites we programmed for other USDs across the state of Kansas. The organizations and businesses in small Kansas towns are some of our best and most loyal clients! We were excited to get this project up and running.

The new Smoky Valley Public Schools website was built with the LogicMaze custom school district CMS that provides each school with a unique access code to update their respective sections of the website. The LogicMaze CMS even allows teachers to maintain a separate webpage for their classes, giving educators the opportunity to communicate special assignments or announcements through their page.

As much of the work in the school district is done on Mac computers, Smoky Valley asked LogicMaze to Integrate the USD’s current iCalendar into the new website. They also requested social media integration. Those are just a few of the features we provided. Check out their new website to see more!