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Internet Marketing

Social Media Campaigns from LogicMaze

Your business needs to be where your customers are. Trust us—they're on Facebook. With over one billion people in the world on Facebook, including 175 million Americans, (January 2013 data) your company can't afford to ignore the enormous marketing potential this social media giant holds. From designing your Facebook timeline cover, to advising you on the proper privacy settings for your business, LogicMaze can take the mystery out of social media. 

We'll assist you with establishing a presence on some of the most popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and give you the knowledge you need to engage your clients through these avenues. 

Search algorithms that rank your website are placing more and more weight on your social media presence. Don't allow your website to be indexed lower simply because you're in the dark about social media. Allow LogicMaze to light the way. 

Search Engine Optimization from LogicMaze

Having a great website is only part of the solution. Your website also needs to be easy to find. If your site isn't showing up in organic searches, than you're losing potential clients. LogicMaze provides Search Engine Optimization to ensure your website doesn't get lost in the shuffle. 

The first part of SEO is the easiest. We'll sit down with you and strategize the most relevant keywords and phrases to incorporate consistently throughout your site. But the buck doesn't stop there. A truly effective SEO campaign will incorporate ways to keep website content fresh (blog much?) and a strong social media presence.  

Additionally, LogicMaze implements Google Analytics in all our custom built websites so you know which parts of your website are drawing in clients, and which parts need tweaking. 

Email Marketing Campaigns from LogicMaze

Regular communication with your clients is an important piece of maintaining positive customer-business relationships. One of the best and most convenient ways to communicate with your clients is through email marketing. Email marketing might be in the form of a mass email to notify clients of upcoming events, emails to offer special bargains to clients, or a regular newsletter to keep customers updated about your company. LogicMaze is proficient in design using two of the most popular Email marketing systems, Constant Contact and My Emma. Allow our design experts to provide you with an innovative and user-friendly interface that makes mass-communication with your clients a breeze.